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Hi, I'm a web developer who's devoted to excellent design. Yours.

A bit about me.

I started my tech journey with self-taught Wordpress site implementation, and have since branched into design implementation with or without the WordPress platform. As I also have a background in writing and in photography, I was always looking for the best and most efficient way to get my own content online.

I have been fascinated with how web site implementation has evolved, and am always looking for the best and most appropriate ways to bring your stunning design to the web. My specialty is now front-end development, where I can use my organization skills and eye for detail to coordinate an elegant, easy to maintain, and responsive implementation of your design.

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If your site is a simple one, hand-coding may be the best choice. Code will be clean, well-formatted, and semantic making it easy to read, easy to collaborate on, trouble-shoot and accessible. CSS code will be lean and fast to load, and always concurrent with the lastest best practices.

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WordPress is an excellent choice for site development and implemented on approximately 75 million web sites. It's free to install, deploy, and upgrade, and makes content maintenance easy for individuals or teams. Sites may be implemented with existing or custom themes. If WordPress is your choice, I can help.

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Stunning Designs to
Responsive Code

Are you a designer who needs someone to port your PSD to the web? Is responsive design a priority? This is my specialty. Designers design, it's our job to convert it to a website that's true to its origins on any device. Because an effective design is everything, and we know it.